The Florida legislature made changes in Workers Compensation to focus “ONLY” on cutting costs in Workers Compensation due to fraudulent claims. They allowed the medical decisions for the injured to be the choice of the employer, “even for the catastrophically injured”.

My son is one that was catastrophically injured at a CVS pharmacy during a robbery just after working a full shift at his primary job in a Tampa Data Center. 

Sam McGinnis was behind the counter at a drug store in Tampa, Florida on November 29, 2008, as the camera inside the store was recording a holdup. In the course of the robbery, a man wearing a white clown mask shot Sam in the leg after ordering him to open the cash register. Sam  asked the man to please not hurt him or anyone else, as he was opening the cash register. While Sam felt he would pass out from blood loss from his leg wound and unable to open a second cash register fast enough, the robber took aim a second time. Sam’s story continues here.

Sam McGinnis’ father, Gene McGinnis, is out to change the law. He wants a two tier system: one for the average worker hurt on the job and another for people who are catastrophically injured, like his son. A change in workers compensation for the “catastrophically injured only” is simple.


An amendment earlier this year was introduced but failed to get supportfrom state legislators. Please contact your State Senator and State Representative to change Florida’s law for those classified as catastrophically injured at work to be able to choose their own health provider at any time for people like Sam.

Click here to find your current State Senator/State Representative

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